Successful Acne Treatment

Successful Acne Treatment


Acne is one of the most common skin issues we treat at Glow Skincare where I work as an esthetician. We’ve researched to find the best treatments and have a wide variety of effective professional treatments and home care products. By combining professional treatments with proper home care, our acne clients have seen remarkable changes in their skin.

Effective acne treatment is a partnership between the client and aesthetician and one of the most important elements is continuation of treatment. It takes time to clear up acne, and to truly see changes in your skin it’s vital to give both professional and home care time to work. Clients who have the most success stick carefully to both their professional treatments and their home care regimen for five to six months.

Another important element of successful acne treatment is to only use the home care product regimen that we have recommended. We understand how frustrating it is not to get faster results and you may think the treatment and/or products aren’t working. But, if you stop using products or add new products, you may decrease the effectiveness of the system that you’ve invested time and money in.

Some acne products will cause your skin to become dry and this is normal. We’ll give you information on how to use your products so your skin has time to adjust and tolerate the products. We can also recommend products that will strengthen your skin and help offset some of the drying effects of acne products.

Picking and touching your skin will aggravate acne. It’s hard, but it’s important to keep your hands off your face.

Acne is affected by many factors- Hormones, stress, some medical conditions, diet, even sleep. But by sticking with your recommended treatments and home care, you’re on your way to clearer, brighter, skin.

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Why Do Men Need a Facial?

This is a repost of a previous blog about guys getting facials. It's become a thing, and I have lots of guys coming in these days. Since this is the last week of our 20% off a Men's Facial at Glow Skincare it's the perfect time to learn why a guy needs a facial.

 I love giving my guy clients facials, and they love getting them. What guy, whether he admits it or not, wouldn't like relaxing while getting their skin deep-cleaned, and getting a hand, arm, neck, and shoulder massage to go with it? Based on the number of men who are my regular clients, once they try a facial service, they love it! So, here's what happens during a man's facial, as well as the benefits.

We start with a short scalp massage followed by cleansing the face thoroughly and analyzing the skin. The cleanse includes using a Clarisonic cleaning brush for a deep clean and a scrub with alpha-hydroxy acids to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the skin for better skin health, and smoother, clearer, skin. Men like it because it helps clean blackheads and deep pores (many guys are prone to deep pores that trap oil, dirt, and dead skin) that are clogged. While the scrub is working the steam is softening the oil and blackheads and opening the pores for easy extractions. After the scrub and steam, I'll gently extract any remaining blackheads, clogged pores, or blemishes. Then comes the most relaxing part! After applying a cool, soothing, manly smelling mask to the face, he'll get a hand and arm massage, followed by a neck and shoulder massage. The mask smooths and nourishes the skin and once its job is done, I'll remove it with a warm towel, apply a serum that hydrates and cools the face, and top it off with sunscreen, eye cream and a lip treatment. All the products used are "guy friendly." They smell refreshing, not girly, and feel non-greasy. It's guaranteed that a guy will leaving feeling great.

Stay pretty,

Helen Gaye

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Let's Talk Brows

We’ve all heard it before. Brows are the frame for your face. So, put down the tweezers and let’s talk about how to make your brows the perfect frame for your pretty face.

Repeat after me: “The best brow for my face is my natural shape.” The shape you were born with is the one that will create the prettiest frame for you. Whether your brows are straight, arched, full, or not-so-full, they’re the right brows for you. 

Now, that’s not to say you don’t have to do anything to your brows! But, always create a brow that follows the shape and fullness of your natural brow. And, your brows do not need to be twin sisters. It’s perfectly all right for one to be straighter than the other. Most people’s brows aren’t naturally exact twins. There are a few things you should know about creating a great brow, though, and here they are.

Brows should not start too far back from your eyes at the inner corner. Look at where your brows naturally begin and start there. If you have a “uni-brow” a good rule is to start your brow where your natural thickness begins and only remove the finer, sparser hairs that are growing across your nose.

The tail of your brow, or the outer edge, should extend to its natural end. Some people have longer tails, some are a little shorter, some are thick and some are thin, and that’s OK. Only remove the fine hairs and strays that grow above and below the tail and out towards your hairline.

Arches are talked about all the time. I’ve even heard people call getting their brow wax done getting their brows “arched.” Guess what I’m going to say? Your natural arch is the one you should have. Some people have arched brows, some people have straighter brows, some have one brow that’s more arched than the other. All fine! The only time I add any arch to a brow when I wax at the salon is the rare case where someone has very small eyes and an extremely full, straight brow. I may create a very slight arch to help the eyes look larger.

If you’ve over-tweezed or had an over-zealous waxer remove too much brow, don’t despair! Leave them alone for a while. You will survive the growing back out stage. And, keep in mind that if the hair follicle is damaged from constant hair removal you may need a little help with growth. My favorite product is the ZO Ossential Lash Enhancing Serum (available at Glow Skincare) that can be used on brows and lashes. It’s amazing!

Then, see a brow professional for a shaping. Before he or she touches you with the wax or tweezers, talk about his or her philosophy of brows. Explain that you want to keep your natural shape. The right brow expert can send you out the door with the prettiest eye brows you’ve ever had.

Stay tuned for more on brows. And, I’d love to see you and do your brows!

Stay pretty,

   Helen Gaye

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