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Let's Talk Brows

We’ve all heard it before. Brows are the frame for your face. So, put down the tweezers and let’s talk about how to make your brows the perfect frame for your pretty face.

Repeat after me: “The best brow for my face is my natural shape.” The shape you were born with is the one that will create the prettiest frame for you. Whether your brows are straight, arched, full, or not-so-full, they’re the right brows for you. 

Now, that’s not to say you don’t have to do anything to your brows! But, always create a brow that follows the shape and fullness of your natural brow. And, your brows do not need to be twin sisters. It’s perfectly all right for one to be straighter than the other. Most people’s brows aren’t naturally exact twins. There are a few things you should know about creating a great brow, though, and here they are.

Brows should not start too far back from your eyes at the inner corner. Look at where your brows naturally begin and start there. If you have a “uni-brow” a good rule is to start your brow where your natural thickness begins and only remove the finer, sparser hairs that are growing across your nose.

The tail of your brow, or the outer edge, should extend to its natural end. Some people have longer tails, some are a little shorter, some are thick and some are thin, and that’s OK. Only remove the fine hairs and strays that grow above and below the tail and out towards your hairline.

Arches are talked about all the time. I’ve even heard people call getting their brow wax done getting their brows “arched.” Guess what I’m going to say? Your natural arch is the one you should have. Some people have arched brows, some people have straighter brows, some have one brow that’s more arched than the other. All fine! The only time I add any arch to a brow when I wax at the salon is the rare case where someone has very small eyes and an extremely full, straight brow. I may create a very slight arch to help the eyes look larger.

If you’ve over-tweezed or had an over-zealous waxer remove too much brow, don’t despair! Leave them alone for a while. You will survive the growing back out stage. And, keep in mind that if the hair follicle is damaged from constant hair removal you may need a little help with growth. My favorite product is the ZO Ossential Lash Enhancing Serum (available at Glow Skincare) that can be used on brows and lashes. It’s amazing!

Then, see a brow professional for a shaping. Before he or she touches you with the wax or tweezers, talk about his or her philosophy of brows. Explain that you want to keep your natural shape. The right brow expert can send you out the door with the prettiest eye brows you’ve ever had.

Stay tuned for more on brows. And, I’d love to see you and do your brows!

Stay pretty,

   Helen Gaye

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Should You Try Microdermabrasion?

Have you ever tried microdermabrasion? Or, have you wondered why you should? It’s one of my favorite skin treatments to give clients because they can immediately see glowing skin that’s more smooth and clear.

Microdermabrasion, commonly referred to as “microderm,” uses a machine with a tip to lift dead skin cells while it vacuums to stimulate the skin and sweep away the dead skin cells. Stimulation of the skin helps to improve collagen production.

Microderm is also used to help reduce hyperpigmentation (brown spots), mild acne scars, and improve fine lines and skin texture. It can also help improve acne by unclogging pores and reducing the dead skin cells that, along with oil, clog pores and create breakout. You’ll see visible results with one microderm, but a series of six to eight treatments will maximize the benefits.

Microderm can be done using a fine spray of crystals to exfoliate the skin, but today most machines use a tip made of diamonds. The tip is applied to each area of the face in a crosshatch pattern or sweeping pattern, depending on the manufacturer.  The amount of suctioning and pressure with the tip are adjustable so that microderm is comfortable for almost everyone.

One of my favorite ways to use microderm is to alternate a series of microderms with a series of peels. The combination maximizes the results of both treatments. My acne clients especially find it effective to reduce the number of breakouts, nodules, and cysts. Be sure to apply SPF every day, especially immediately following any facial treatment.

Whether you have microderm done as part of a facial or as a stand-alone service, you’ll leave with clearer, glowing skin. And, don’t we all love a little instant gratification?

Stay pretty,

Helen Gaye

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